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Democracy in Multi-Racial Societies: A discussion of the constitutional problem

Title: Democracy in Multi-Racial Societies: A discussion of the constitutional problem

Author: LM Thompson

Year: 1949

Publisher: Institute of Race Relations

Language: English

PDF available?: Yes [click here]

Copyright information: Permission granted by the copyright holder to make the work available on this platform.

Table of contents

1. General statement of the problem

A. The origin of political representation in Western society
B. Its transformation in Western society
C. The democratic principle
D. The democratic system
E. The uni-racial milieu of democratic development
F. The universal appeal of the democratic principle
G. Problems of application in multi-racial societies
H. The recent experiments of mankind

2. Contemporary practice outside South Africa

A. Mankind as a multi-racial society (See also Appendix 1)
B. The present structure of European empires (See also Appendices 2 and 4)
1. The French
2. The British
C. Multi-racial nation states (See also Appendix 3)
1. The Indian sub-continent
2. Burma
3. Ceylon
4. Brazil
5. New Zealand
6. The United States of America
D. Conclusions

3. The contemporary problem in South Africa

A. The essence of the problem
B. The ‘white supremacy’ alternative
C. The democratic alternative
1. Democratic partition
2. Democratic union
3. Democratic federation
D. Last ditch ‘white supremacy’ or civilised democracy?

4. Appendices — Examples of contemporary practices outside South Africa

I. Mankind as an organised multi-racial society
II. The present constitutional structure of European empires
III. Nation states as multi-racial societies
IV. Experiments in British colonial territories

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