Martin van Staden

Libertarian Jurisprudence & Free Market Policy

Liberalism in South Africa

As a committed classical liberal and history enthusiast, Martin has done much work documenting the past and present of liberalism in South Africa.

From the end of 2018 up to September 2019, Martin undertook a thorough study of South African liberalism, leading to the publication of “The liberal tradition in South Africa, 1910-2019”, in the Fraser Institute’s Econ Journal Watch, a peer-reviewed academic journal. Listen to a podcast discussion Martin had with the Cato Institute’s Dr Marian Tupy regarding his paperĀ here.

As a result of this publication, Martin established Liberal South Africa (LSA), of which he is the curator. Taking the paper as its basis, LSA’s Encyclopedia of South African Liberalism documents and catalogs information of relevance to liberalism in South Africa, including its history, unique ideas, notable people and organisations, and its prospects for the future.