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Liberal Imperial Council

Title: Liberal Imperial Council

Author: Multiple

Year: 1901

Publisher: Liberal Imperial Council of the Liberal Party of the United Kingdom

Language: English

PDF available?: Yes [click here]

Copyright information: Work is assumed to be copyright-free or exempted due to age and due to the publisher being defunct and/or unreachable. If you are the copyright holder and would like this work removed, please contact me.

Table of contents

Officers and committee
Application for membership
Annual report of committee
Statement of policy
List of members
Publications of the Council:

Gladstone’s liberal imperialism
The British Empire: Extracts from speeches of Lord Rosebery
Liberals and the Empire: Extracts from speeches of Lord Rosebery
Gladstone on the Manchester School
What is liberal imperialism?
Report of dinner, November 12th, 1900
Report of dinner to Sir Edward Grey, 25th March, 1901
The imperial liberals
An imperial policy in education
Liberals and the colonies

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