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Native Policy of the Union of South Africa

Title: Native Policy of the Union of South Africa

Author: Ernest George Jansen

Year: Undated, circa 1950

Publisher: State Information Office, Pretoria

Language: English

PDF available?: Yes [click here]

Copyright information: Work is assumed to be copyright-free or exempted due to being a public (government-published or funded) text. If you are the copyright holder and would like this work removed, please contact me.

Table of contents

Ernest George Jansen

Statement of Policy

Future plans
Land purchase
Tribal organisation
Urban life
Housing plans
Mixed areas
Protectorate natives
Farm labour
Practicable steps

Progress in 1949

Staff matters
Land administration
Engineering services
Agricultural development
Technical and vocation training
The urban areas
Health and welfare services

Annexure: Services to natives by the State

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