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Our Responsibility: A discussion of South Africa’s racial problems

Title: Our Responsibility: A discussion of South Africa’s racial problems

Author: Henry Allan Fagan

Year: 1960

Publisher: Universiteits-Uitgewers en Boekhandelaars

Language: English

PDF available?: No

Copyright information: Work is assumed to be copyright protected.

Table of contents


I Power and responsibility

II The evolution of the Apartheid policy
1. White and Bantu meet each other
2. Early policies
3. The segregation policy
4. The Industrial Revolution
5. “Send them back!”
6. “Apartheid”
7. Apartheid and nationalism
8. The impossible mandate
9. The Apartheid policy in action
10. Tightening the control
11. “Pull for the horizon”
12. “Total separation in every sphere”
13. Is it a sound policy?

III Another approach
1. Our mixed population
2. A common loyalty
3. Co-operation
4. Factors that unite and that divide
5. Our conventional Apartheid
6. Stabilising race relations

IV Our practical problems
1. Parliamentary representation
2. Consultation
3. Social separation
4. The economic sphere
5. Migrant labour
6. The pass system
7. The Republic

V Patriotism — “South Africa first”

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