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articles bannerBelow follows a comprehensive (but incomplete) list of Martin’s article contributions across the internet and media since becoming a Students For Liberty Local Coordinator in 2014. Republished articles (i.e., which appeared on more than one publication) will also be featured. Links are provided where possible.

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Rational Standard

Being Libertarian


13 June – Daily FriendSix reasons the GNU, if formed, will not last long

10 June – Business BriefThe price of populism? The rule of law, economic freedom, and social progress

6 June – Daily FriendGet civically minded

30 May – Daily FriendReject the false dichotomy of ANC-DA or ANC-EFF

29 May – Maroela MediaLos kriminalisering, fokus op die kriminele (EN)

28 May – PoliticswebHate speech judgment confirms worrying trend of jurisprudence in SA

24 May – Maroela MediaVryheid kom te laat

23 May – Daily FriendBeware! Yes, you can ‘vote wrong’

16 May – Daily FriendRace law in South Africa 30 years into ‘non-racial democracy’

9 May – Daily FriendThe ‘rooi gevaar’: it’s not okay to be a socialist

7 May – Business DayOverzealous regulation

2 May – BizNewsCurbing tender corruption: Separating economy and state

2 May – Daily FriendDoes the ‘free market’ lead to public sector corruption? Of course not

25 April – BizNewsSA coalitions to consider or avoid post-May 29

25 April – Daily FriendPolitical arrangements to consider, or avoid, after 29 May

16 April – Maroela MediaSuid-Afrika se koalisie-kruispad (EN)

11 April – Daily FriendNow is the time for Home Rule in South Africa

9 April – BizNewsLiberals and Cape Independence – support or reject?

4 April – Daily FriendBeware the sophistry of ‘legal vs illegal immigration’ discourse

28 March – Daily FriendWrongly labelled ‘universal franchise’ is why we can’t have nice things

25 March – Maroela MediaPost-2024 Suid-Afrika en desentralisering (EN)

21 March – Daily FriendHow are liberals to respond to calls for Cape independence?

20 March – BizNewsCoalition crossroads: MPC parties’ dilemma in post-election South Africa (AF)

14 March – Maroela MediaHoe kan jy federalisme teëstaan? (EN)

14 March – Daily FriendThe process is the punishment: A fatal flaw in South Africa’s criminal justice system

8 March – Maroela MediaOpregte afwenteling of kosmetiese verandering? (EN)

7 March – Daily FriendWhen judges aren’t

29 February – PoliticswebCould a simple name-change ignite a spirit of federalism?

29 February – Daily FriendFrom pact to pillar: The Multi-Party Charter after the 2024 election (AF)

23 February – BizNewsMulti-Party Charter rejects Referendum Party: What it means

22 February – Daily Friend‘Rule of Law’: Vapid or still relevant?

22 February – Maroela MediaVat die hawe of bou ‘n nuwe een (EN)

21 February – Business DayThere is no reason for municipalities to oppose federalism (AF)

19 February – Mail & GuardianWhen individuality kills

16 February – BizNewsDA’s federalist dilemma: Genuine devolution or cosmetic change? (AF)

16 February – Cape IndependentThe DA must seize the Port of Cape Town

15 February – Daily FriendCan we address real crime in an overcriminalised society? (AF)

8 February – Daily FriendTake the port or build a port – but passivity is out of the question! (AF)

8 February – News24Cries of apartheid will not dissuade federalist sentiment

7 February – Maroela MediaStaatsbestandheid begin in die psige (EN)

1 February – Daily FriendWhen individuality kills

1 February – City PressSorry, Siyahleba but SA is indeed a federation

25 January – Daily Friend‘Get over’ government: Stateproofing against harm begins in the psyche (AF)

24 January – Maroela MediaWes-Kaapse minister van buitelandse sake? (EN)

23 January – The Star – Provinces should conduct own foreign affairs

23 January – Daily News – Provinces should conduct own foreign affairs

23 January – Cape Argus – Provinces should conduct own foreign affairs

19 January – Daily News – ‘199’ is the magic number in the 2024 elections

19 January – Maroela MediaOp 199 verander alles

18 January – Daily FriendFour false criticisms of liberalism from the right

18 January – George Herald‘199’ is the 2024 election’s magic number: hit it, and everything changes

11 January – Daily FriendSouth Africa’s provinces should conduct their own foreign affairs (AF)

7 January – RapportDinge lyk moontlik vanjaar heel anders


7 December – Daily FriendBEE ‘fronting’ is a brave public service to be celebrated

30 November – Daily FriendThe well-kept secret of South Africa’s regime of censorship and ideological gerrymandering

23 November – Daily FriendThe tragicomedy of business’s naïvety on NHI

20 November – Maroela MediaWinde kan ʼn referendum uitroep as hy wil (EN)

20 November – Cape IndependentConstitution is clear: Alan Winde can call a referendum in WCape

16 November – Daily FriendNemo plus iuris: The universal law statists don’t want you to think about

9 November – Daily FriendThe Constitution is clear: Alan Winde can call a referendum in the Western Cape (AF)

2 November – Daily FriendWhy the ‘unequal bargaining power’ argument against free choice is problematic

27 October – Daily FriendAssume Hitler will govern: The most important (and ignored) principle of constitutional design

19 October – Daily Friend‘Load-limiting’ is tyranny masquerading as convenience

12 October – Daily FriendIsrael: A (weak) light of liberty in a dark corner of the world

5 October – Daily FriendIt’s simple (but expensive)

28 September – Daily Friend‘Selfdoen’: The Solidarity Movement and AfriForum are conservatism done right

26 September – PoliticswebBudget cuts? It’s about time

22 September – Business BriefThe pitfalls of raising taxes on vaping – a closer look

21 September – Daily FriendCollective punishment, even for liberal ends, is intolerable

18 September – PoliticswebMalema’s threats of force and the liberal order’s rules of the game

14 September – BizNewsTreasury introduces fiscal anchor to contain debt surge: But SA must do budget cuts right

14 September – Daily FriendBudget cuts? It’s about time. Minister Godongwana, let’s do it properly!

11 September – PoliticswebHate speech law, if it is to exist, must apply equally

7 September – Daily FriendJulius Malema’s threats of force and the liberal order’s rules of the game

7 September – Maroela MediaVryspraak of haatspraak? Wat ook al, wees net konsekwent!

31 August – Daily FriendWeasel clause or protector of freedom? A new consideration of section 36 of the Constitution

24 August – Daily FriendState displacement of personal responsibility cannot justify Tobacco Bill

17 August – BizNewsNavigating South Africa’s governance circus around the electricity crisis

17 August – Daily FriendThis government is not to be taken seriously on electricity

13 August – Business DayMisplaced optimism over Ramaphosa

10 August – Daily FriendFlags and threats: a liberal rumination on the limits of free expression

3 August – Maroela MediaANC en SAKP nie só onbekwaam gegewe sosialistiese doelwitte

3 August – Daily FriendVagrant ‘traffic wardens’ and the false comfort of the commons

27 July – BizNewsThe dilemma of regulating coalitions in South Africa’s political landscape

27 July – Daily FriendCoalitions: Our desire for ‘certainty’ and ‘stability’ must be measured, not absolute

20 July – Daily FriendA cap on CEO salaries? No, rather cap political salaries

13 July – Daily FriendIllegal mining deaths caused by socialism, not capitalism

10 July – Maroela Media‘Wie besluit?’ – ʼn Verdediging van liberale individualisme

10 July – The Witness – Who decides?

7 July – African LibertySouth Africa’s Hate Speech Bill is Worrisome

6 July – Daily FriendThe road to Hell is paved with good intentions (and, yes, so was the road to Apartheid)

3 July – Business DayGovernment fiddles with tobacco as SA burns

30 June – Maroela MediaHerroeping van haatspraakwetsontwerp moeilik, maar nodig

29 June – Daily Friend – Dennis Davis (of all people) stands up for private property against militant socialism

22 June – Maroela MediaRasse-ingenieurswese moet stopgesit word

22 June – Daily Friend‘Who decides?’ A defence of liberal individualism (AF)

15 June – Daily FriendRepealing the Hate Speech Bill: difficult, but necessary

8 June – BizNewsSouth Africa’s political landscape on the brink of transformation: An end of ANC dominance and 2024’s possibilities

8 June – Daily Friend‘199’ is the 2024 election’s magic number: hit it, and everything changes (AF)

1 June – Daily FriendWhy I am a liberal

Read between the lines to understand the pernicious Expropriation BillDaily Friend – 25 May

A defence of the High Court’s ‘foolish, dangerous judgment on load-shedding’Daily Friend – 18 May

DA’s ‘doomsday coalition’ agenda insufficient to inspire many votersThe Citizen – 13 May

Liberalism is perfectly at home in SADaily Friend – 11 May

It’s a fallacy to measure ‘fair share’ only by tax contributionDaily Friend – 4 May

‘Ekwiteitswet’ blatant ideologiesMaroela Media – 4 May

Why (classical) liberalism ought to be the philosophy of the courtsDaily Friend – 20 April

‘Equity’ nothing but a euphemism for ANC’s race law ideologyNews24 – 18 April

Even judges are humanDaily Friend – 13 April

Cancel ‘cancel culture’? Not so fastDaily Friend – 6 April

A hegemon crumbles! – will the ANC survive after decades of parasitic policies?Business Brief – 3 April

A proposed 11-member cabinet for a reformist South AfricaBizNews – 30 March

Proportional representation and secret ballots in SA’s coalition futureNews24 – 30 March

Cabinet bloat? Here’s what a lean cabinet could look likeDaily Friend – 30 March

South Africa’s flawed legislation puts justice at riskBizNews – 24 March

Parliament must stop trying to use the courts to fix bad lawDaily Friend – 23 March

Federalists! Embrace South Africa’s mighty municipalityDaily Friend – 16 March

Confidence and supply as an alternative to a DA/ANC coalitionNews24 – 11 March

The DA’s principle of separation of party and state: Potentially problematic?BizNews – 9 March

The DA’s ‘separation of party and state’ in a representative democracyDaily Friend – 9 March

Illusion of a benevolent dictatorship in South Africa?BizNews – 3 March

South Africa’s decentralisation movement: Power to the provincesBizNews – 2 March

‘Benevolent dictatorship’ is not an easy egg to unscrambleDaily Friend – 2 March

SA’s liberation from load-shedding lies in liberalisation and deregulationBusiness Day – 27 February

Federation and devolution: ‘Doing’ versus ‘asking’Daily Friend – 23 February

Five reasons why DA and other opposition parties must avoid ANC coalitionDaily Friend – 16 February

Opposition: Get along or get out of the wayDaily Friend – 9 February

Ramptoestand: ’n Klipharde néé teen nóg geknoeiRapport – 5 February

Southern Africa: The best place on the continent to be freeDaily Friend – 2 February

Competence, not colour, the key to progress for allThe Post – 1 February

Every man and his dog has a view on electricity in SABizNews – 26 January

Comparing the electricity policies of SA’s top five opposition partiesDaily Friend – 26 January

BEE is more akin to blatant elite enrichmentBusiness Day – 23 January

How the DA should answer Clem Sunter’s rebranding questionsDaily Friend – 19 January

Why ‘Eskom worked well in the past’ is a fundamentally bad argumentDaily Friend – 12 January

Centralisation of basic education should be avoided and parental rights respectedDaily Friend – 5 January


Finansiële deregulering noodsaaklik vir ekonomiese groeiMaroela Media – 15 December

Die meer as 116 rassewette van die post-1994-eraMaroela Media – 14 December

Deregulering van die regstelsel is nodigMaroela Media – 9 December

Two avenues to provincial policing without ANC cooperationDaily Friend – 8 December

Liberalisering van onderwys noodsaaklik vir ekonomiese groeiMaroela Media – 2 December

The ‘good intentions’ of race law: SA’s enduring legislative traditionDaily Friend – 1 December

Financial deregulation necessary to spur economic growthBusiness Brief – 29 November

Regulasies vir “openbare gesondheid” ongesond vir groeiMaroela Media – 28 November

Of course the Constitution is an obstacle to your radical plan: that’s the pointDaily Friend – 24 November

How deregulating courts and the legal profession in South Africa could help small businessBusiness Brief – 23 November

Arbeidsmarkliberalisering is noodsaaklik vir indiensneming en groeiMaroela Media – 21 November

Keeping the EFF from power with a (very loose) ANC/DA arrangementBizNews – 18 November

DA/ANC coalition? Hell no. Confidence and supply? MaybeDaily Friend – 17 November

Liberalisation in education necessary for economic growthBusiness Brief – 15 November

Suid-Afrika moet oorentoesiastiese lisensiëringsbestel heroorweegMaroela Media – 11 November

South Africa’s Constitution: pretty good, could be betterDaily Friend – 10 November

Petty ‘public-health’ regulations stall small business growthBusiness Brief – 8 November

Business is gagged in the SA administrative stateDaily Friend – 4 November

Kleinsakeontwikkeling hang van die regte hantering van ‘die grondkwessie’ afMaroela Media – 4 November

Godongwana’s procurement reform must be quickly embracedBusiness Day – 3 November

Labour liberalisation key to incentivise employment and small business growthBusiness Brief – 1 November

As groei die mikpunt is, is dit tyd dat Jan Taks terugstaanMaroela Media – 28 October

Hate Speech Bill in late 2022: Still a threat to free expression?Daily Friend – 27 October

South Africa’s overzealous licensing regime must be reconsideredBusiness Brief – 26 October

Where has the corporate backbone gone?Daily Friend – 20 October

Small business development depends on getting ‘the land question’ rightBusiness Brief – 19 October

Ramaphosa’s pork pies on police devolutionBizNews – 13 October

Devolved policing: Constitutional imperative, or fantasy?Daily Friend – 13 October

If growth is South Africa’s aim, it’s time for Jan Tax to retireBusiness Brief – 12 October

The “Expropriation” Bill is dangerously misnamedDaily Friend – 6 October

If South Africa is to thrive, Piketty and the OECD must be ignoredBizNews – 21 September

Health regulations and police minister fiascos expose contempt for public participationBusiness Brief – 17 August

Ramaphosa’s welcome electricity reforms short on liberalisationMail & Guardian – 29 July

Legal profession regulation will threaten judicial independence in the long termCity Press – 8 June

Make SA prosperous first before focusing on renewablesNews24 – 3 June

Ideology beats evidence in SABizNews – 2 June

ANC’s socialist thinking is crushing South Africa’s futureMail & Guardian – 22 May

SA must only concern itself with green power when majority participate in the powered economyCity Press – 19 May

Loadshedding and lockdown expose paperthin democracyThe Star | Daily News – 29 April

It’s time to abolish or overhaul the Competition Commission (AF) – Business Day – 11 April

Blueprint for a new SA, get yours now!BizNews – 24 March

The first four items of the post-ANC government’s agendaDaily Friend – 15 March

Electricity regulation bill shows centralist ideology still reignsBusiness Day – 6 March

Courts must not interfere with communities taking over service deliveryBusiness Brief – 1 February

Ending state of disaster only the first step in restoring constitutional governmentGay Pages – 28 January

Liberalism is about individual rightsBusiness Day – 19 January

State of disaster can no longer continueBusiness Day – 11 January

‘Commit no nuisance here’ – The first step to emergent federalismDaily Friend – 6 January


Wat is ʼn ‘verkeerde keuse’ in ʼn vrye samelewing?Maroela Media – 10 December

WHO undermines democracy in crusade against tobacco and vaping products – Business Day – 8 November

Verpligte ent, en dan?BeeldDie Burger – 2 November

Multipronged battle for control of Free Market Foundation unfolds by people with unjustified entitlement complexDaily Maverick – 31 October

The ANC’s choice for South Africa: Federation or dissolutionDaily Friend – 28 October

South Africa: A federation without federalismDaily Friend – 23 October

Federalism and the promise of the transitionDaily Friend – 21 October

The KwaZulu Indaba and the federalist slide-awayDaily Friend – 20 October

When is a constitution unconstitutional? – The Witness – 18 October

When is a constitution unconstitutional?City Press – 17 October

South African federalism before the transitionDaily Friend – 16 October

Opgee van vryhede sal dekades by ons spookMaroela Media – 15 October

Fact: The Constitution 18th Amendment Bill must precede the Expropriation BillDaily Maverick – 12 October

5 Ways ALL Your Rights DEPEND on Secure Private PropertyFreedom Advocacy Network – 10 October

The constitution after the section 25 proposed amendmentBusiness Day – 1 October

The liberal case against (vaccine) passportsDaily Friend – 11 September

Threat of expropriation still hovers over SABusiness Day – 1 September

Nog ’n taks om SA te laat vouRapport – 29 August

Municipal elections: Is the Constitution a ‘living document’ capable of being adapted?Daily Friend – 28 August

Riots due to inequality? Not likelyBusiness Brief – 1 August

Why Not Even the Constitutional Court Can (Legally) Postpone the 2021 Municipal ElectionsDaily Friend – 31 July

Balance optimism with SA’s realitiesFinancial Mail – 19 July

Will South Africans allow government to introduce a hut tax for the SABC’s benefit?Daily Friend – 19 July

Illegal tobacco trade flourishes due to government interferenceBusiness Day – 4 July

3 critical race-hustling LIES told about the ConstitutionFreedom Advocacy Network – 4 July

Public policy requires evidence, not biasBusiness Day – 1 July

Viable alternatives to government’s expropriation plansBusiness Brief – 30 June

Roger Southall and the mischaracterisation of the IRRDaily Friend – 26 June

PANDA award ceremony opening remarks by Executive Committee member Martin van StadenFree Market Foundation – 23 June

Why are we celebrating the Constitution if we’re destroying it?Daily Friend – 12 June

Hoe gemaak met die wolkbreuk van outoritêre beleide? (EN) – Maroela Media – 7 June

State must stop trying to be the public’s babysitterBusiness Day – 30 May

Changes to discrimination law will make social interaction impossible (AF) – Business Day – 28 April

The cloud-cuckooland jurisprudence of “nil compensation”Free Market Foundation – 15 April

The President’s Human Rights Day hypocrisyFree Market Foundation – 25 March

Eufemistiese terminologie van onteiening sonder vergoeding (EN) – Maroela Media – 24 March

Reminding ourselves why EWC is unnecessaryFree Market Foundation – 16 March

Expropriation as punishment (AF) – Moneyweb – 9 March

SA needs a police service geared to serve the peopleCity Press – 4 March

‘Abandonment’ in the 2020 Expropriation BillAfrican Liberty – 3 March

‘Abandonment’ in the 2020 Expropriation BillRule of Law Project – 26 February

Don’t get lost in the details of expropriationCity Press – 26 February

Finding constitutional freedom of choice in the right to dignityRule of Law Project – 21 February

No more future booze bans, please!The Citizen – 20 February

Government must reassure South Africans of no future booze bansMoneyweb – 20 February

Fighting corruption with less politics and more business in South Africa (AF) – Business Brief – 17 February

‘Slegs R1,2 m.’ – die regering begryp nie sy eie SEB-beleid nie (EN) – Maroela Media – 11 February

New small enterprise bill – Does it answer the wrong questions?Business Brief – 4 February

The circus of irrationality continues with new level 3 regulationsFree Market Foundation – 4 February

Battle of personalities in America, South Africa, distracts from importance of institutionsBusiness Brief – 3 February

Suid-Afrika se kleinsakeondernemings wandel steeds alleen (EN) – Sakeliga – 26 January

Wat is die onderliggende agenda met SA se onteieningsbeleid?Maroela Media – 21 January

The new expropriation policy’s questionable premisesPoliticsweb – 20 January

We cannot depend on the Constitution to protect our freedomsBusiness Day – 19 January

Bezos-Musk wealth dance shows the folly of worrying about ‘inequality’City Press – 14 January

South Africa’s Constitution does not Envision Socialism, but FreedomAfrican Liberty – 14 January


Ramaphosa’s pseudo-economics won’t lower data prices by 2024TechCentral – 21 December

Chile’s constitutional choice: lessons from SABusiness Day – 7 December

Gautengse township-wetsontwerp skiet te kortMaroela Media – 7 December

Indien sosialisme ons voorland is, wag daar groot moeilikheidMaroela Media – 16 November

Only a free market and disciplined Parliament can end corruptionCity Press – 10 September

Three good governance practices that African states should adoptBridgeAfrica – 22 August

Tread carefully with calls for ‘free data’ because it’s another promise government might not fulfilCity Press – 20 August

Harnessing an authentic South AfricanismQuintessential ZA – 11 August

Prohibition has never and will never lead to smokers quittingBusiness Day – 23 July

SAA billions and a stillborn section of the ConstitutionDaily Maverick – 16 July

Land expropriation without compensation: Lessons from Venezuela paint dire futureCity Press – 3 July

For each day of cigarette ban, South Africa loses 1.5 community clinicsBusiness Brief – 1 July

We should talk about civil disobedienceCity Press – 23 June

High data prices? Don’t blame Vodacom and MTNMoneyweb – 20 June

High data prices? Don’t blame Vodacom and MTNTechCentral – 17 June

Prohibition and paternalism are always wrong, especially in a pandemicDaily Maverick – 16 June

Copyright Amendment Bill – public participation shambles!Business Brief – 10 June

Government must stub out its fake news on smokingBusiness Day – 3 June

Defend the dignity and freedom of employees and the joblessBusiness Report – 25 May

Defending and advancing liberalism in South Africa after COVID-19City Press – 22 May

COVID-19: Let’s abandon the fake news paranoiaCity Press – 8 May

SA needs real structural reform, not more jurists and philosophersBusiness Day – 3 May

Covid-19-afsonderingstydperk: juridies en prakties gedoemMaroela Media – 11 April

Comply with the lockdown, but don’t judge those who don’tBusiness Brief – 8 April

Right now it is overkill to require network providers to infringe our right to privacyBusiness Day – 2 April

Die COVID-19-afsondering: juridies en prakties gedoemKoronavirus Krisissentrum – 1 April

Beware the constitutional void during the lockdownAccounting Weekly – 27 March

We can ill afford to play fast and loose with civil libertiesBusiness Day – 24 March

How legislation could hamper the response to coronavirusBizNews – 17 March

Why feminists should embrace economic freedomChannelwise – 13 March

Land expropriation in SA: A warning ignored, a society crumblingCity Press – 6 March

Why Expropriation Without Compensation Would Devastate South Africa’s FutureFoundation for Economic Education – 28 February

Section 1 and the problems of constitutionalising expropriation without compensation in South AfricaAfrican Network of Constitutional Lawyers – 24 February

Nigeria and South Africa are Killing the Sports Broadcasting MarketAfrican Liberty – 16 February

MultiChoice lives up to its name and is not a monopolyBusiness Day – 13 February

The worrying escalation of land expropriation without compensationCity Press – 31 January

NGV-beleid gegrond op bedrieglike studieMaroela Media – 16 January


Tinkering with constitutional legitimacy is dangerous and unnecessaryDaily Friend – 21 December

New or Higher Taxes won’t Work for S.A. and it could be UnconstitutionalAfrican Liberty – 13 December

The proposed National Health Insurance scheme throws constitutional caution to the windMed Suite Media – 11 December

Proposed NHI throws constitutional caution to the windMed Brief Africa – 29 November

We beg to differ: Classical liberalism is exactly what South Africa needsDaily Maverick – 31 October

Change the law, implement vouchers, to end Eskom’s disastrous monopolyBizcommunity – 21 October

The unreasonableness of expropriation without compensation – Nephrology & Urology News – 18 October

Expropriation amendment harkens back to apartheid legal thinkingCity Press – 11 October

The unreasonableness of expropriation without compensationBusiness Brief – 9 October

L’hyper-réglementation, ennemie de la prospéritéContrepoints – 6 October

The Irrationality of Expropriation Without CompensationAfrican Liberty – 4 October

La nécessité de remettre les syndicats à leur placeContrepoints – 2 October

Legislation by regulation undermines economic freedomCity Press – 20 September

Rule of Law Project in court to protect free expression, equality at lawBusiness Brief – 18 September

Icasa sports regulations pose a threat to constitutionalismTechCentral – 13 September

Stop aux politiques tueuses d’emplois!Contrepoints – 10 September

We need to stop listening to the trade unionsCity Press – 6 September

Why hate speech and hurtful comments aren’t the same thingJewish Report – 5 September

Resist the ‘healthpas’ threat to our constitutional rightsBusiness Brief – 28 August

How the NHI threatens your constitutional rights and access to healthcareAll 4 Women – 16 August

Resist the ‘healthpas’ threat to our constitutional rightsAutomotive Business Review – 16 August

South Africa’s New ‘Healthpas’ Policy Violates the ConstitutionAfrican Liberty – 16 August

Liberalism remains misunderstood, despite evidence of its benefitsNews24 – 15 August

Freer markets generate prosperity, especially for the poorCity Press – 8 August

How government creates a problem and fixes it at taxpayers’ expenseCity Press – 19 July

If Our Salvation Depends On Personalities, We are In TroubleAfrican Liberty – 10 July

If our salvation depends on personalities, we are in troubleSA Breaking News – 10 July

Ebola spread in Africa raises questions about WHO’s prioritiesBusiness Day – 9 July

Nationalising the profession, controlling how lawyers think: This is troublingCity Press – 28 June

Vergeet gratis universiteite, gee ons vrye universiteite – Rapport – 23 June

Time to toe the ideological lineThe Witness – 21 June

Our youth need a free future to flourishBusiness Brief – 19 June

South African Youth Need a Free Future to FlourishAfrican Liberty – 19 June

The dangers of “transformative constitutionalism”Politicsweb – 19 June

Ideologie bedreig ons grondwetlike legitimiteitMaroela Media – 29 May

Niks oor ons, sonder ons nieDie Boodskapper – 28 May

American Culture Wars Have International ConsequencesThink Liberty – 19 April

South African government violates the Constitution by prohibiting prostitutionAfrican Liberty – 18 April

Prohibiting prostitution is unconstitutionalSA Breaking News – 17 April

Keep the ANC out of two-thirds majorityBusiness Day – 12 April

Cut spending and corruption, or get used to tax shortfallsCity Press – 5 April

Is there anything to celebrate this Human Rights Day?City Press – 21 March

Verkiesing: Ons moet die Grondwet beskermNetwerk24 – 15 March

Bitter taste to sugar tax’s easy moneySunday Tribune – 10 March

Minimum loon sal armoede verergerNetwerk24 – 5 March

It would be deplorable to rush the expropriation amendmentCity Press – 1 March

Why the outrage over sugar tax job losses?IT Online – 20 February

A free society is an armed society – City Press – 15 February

SA’s cyclops foreign policy on Maduro could be stomping on our ConstitutionBizNews – 30 January

‘Ongelykheid het niks met armoede te doen nie’Netwerk24 – 28 January

Hard lessons from the expropriation of mining rightsPolity – 25 January

Quality over quantity is best – The Witness – 21 January

Right to compensation central to protecting human rightsBusiness Brief – 21 January

When it comes to making laws quality over quantity is preferableCity Press – 18 January

Right to compensation central to protecting human rights – iAfrica – 9 January

Arbitrariness in mine safety law undermines the industry, and constitutionalismPolity – 7 January

Exploring the constitutional definition of hate speechCity Press – 1 January


In Final Plea, Economists Implore South Africa to Abandon Expropriation PlanFoundation for Economic Education – 7 December

Leaders must put SA first – Business Day – 5 December

Ingonyama Trust coining it by keeping subjects serfs on its land – BizNews – 28 November

Untitled communal land amounts to dead capital – Business Day – 28 November

Expropriation: We have to be carefulNetwerk24 – 23 November

Onteiening: Ons moet nou op ons hoede weesNetwerk24 – 23 November

Black Friday: A celebration of economic freedomCity Press – 23 November

Amending the Constitution on shaky grounds will cause illegitimacy – Business Brief – 19 November

US system protects, not favours minoritiesBusiness Day – 16 November

Amending the Constitution on shaky grounds will cause illegitimacy – Automotive Business Review – 13 November

Things are getting worse – but there’s an easy solution – Business Brief – 12 November

Beste Cyril, kom ons praat oor onteiening sonder vergoedingNetwerk24 – 12 November

Saving SA from its broadening slippery slopeSunday Tribune – 11 November

Flawed jurisprudence upholds the State capture of the mining industry – Polity – 7 November

Controls a recipe for disaster – The Witness – 25 October

SA’s fuel price needs less government intervention, not moreBusiness Day – 24 October

Doit-on obéir à une loi injuste?Libre Afrique – 18 October

Restoring dignity of the lawAmanzimtoti Fever – 17 October

Stop making laws to which nobody adheresBusiness Brief – 11 October

Restoring dignity of the law – The Witness – 10 October

Expropriation without compensation is a contradiction in termsSA Real Estate Investor Magazine – 3 October

Expropriation without compensation is a contradiction in termsSA Property Insider – 3 October

Le pouvoir administratif discrétionnaire socle de la corruptionLibre Afrique – 28 September

State control of healthcare – a sure route to disappointment and destitution – Daily Maverick – 21 September

Constitutional change must be constrained – The Witness – 18 September

How to provide responsibly for expropriation without compensation – SA Real Estate Investor Magazine – 17 September

South Africa’s Expropriation Plan Puts All Property in Danger, Not Just FarmlandFoundation for Economic Education – 09 September

Title deeds are simply a means to an end – security of property rights – Daily Maverick – 06 September

There is a surprisingly simple solution to our corruption problemBusiness Day – 05 September

Parliamentary deference to executive bills a cause for concern – Business Brief – 28 August

Don’t abandon the constitution to the race-ultras – Politicsweb – 27 August

‘Never again’ until next timeSA Real Estate Investor Magazine – 16 August

Afrique du Sud: comment baisser le prix du carburant?Libre Afrique – 1 August

Paying for court casesThe Witness – 27 July

Recklessly throwing taxpayer funds at court cases is unconstitutionalCity Press – 25 July

How you lower the fuel priceAmanzimtoti Fever – 25 July

Using taxpayers’ money to fund Jacob Zuma’s legal bills is unconstitutionalBusiness Day – 24 July

Cronies out to nail Netflix – Business Day – 13 July

Here’s how you lower the fuel price – The Mercury – 12 July

South Africans Don’t Need A Law For Everything – HuffPost – 10 July

Law so vague it makes no sense – Weekend Post – 7 July

Proposed IT law vague and confusingIT Online – 4 July

L’interventionnisme de l’État socle de la pauvretéLibre Afrique – 25 June

Gauteng government is undermining constitutional democracyAutomotive Business Review – 19 June

South Africa’s Tyranny of RegulationsHuffPost – 14 June

Political funding bill: Be careful of what you wish for – Politicsweb – 14 June

Blame political elite for poverty and lack of economic freedomBusiness Day – 13 June

Afrique du Sud: hausse des loyers en vue!Libre Afrique – 1 June

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